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NCAA DIV.1 Volleyball / Appalachian State vs. NDSU

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

Fast forward to primetime for the back-end of the doubleheader: the Mountaineers of App. State. In the interim, the Mountaineers won a 5-setter with GW. Well…I’ve already used déjà vu once right? But let’s start in the 1st , where the Mountaineers simply couldn’t miss. Everything they put up found a line, and the Bison were a bit off to start with the long break. App. State up 1-0 after hitting an awesome .353 in the 1st. Second set, the Bison reginaed their forthe m. Gelzinyte again took over as the teams kill leader, and McKenzie Burke joined as the other top scorer coming in to the day for Bison. They combined for 11 kills in the second set, and Abbi Klos/Mikaela Purnell dropped four aces. 25-18, and at the break it’s a best of three. After the pause, the Bison looked a lot like the Mountaineers did in the 1st. Did. Not. Miss. Everyone on the Bison attack dominated, and NDSU hit a simply bonkers .410. App State would have to play for a 5th, and they did. The 1st and 4th may as well have been cloned. NDSU again got out of rhythm, and the Mountaineers played well with their back against the wall. So we go to a decisive 5th set in an electric Bentson Bunker Fieldhouse. And, the Bison went with Plan A. Erika Gelzinyte came in with the most kills, and she was simply outstanding in this final. 5 kills, or one-third of the final 15. Burke added three more, and Halverson two. Bri Rasmusson dropped another of her patented quick strikes, and the Bison would finish their tournament undefeated. But it was far from easy. 15 wouldn’t be enough, as NDSU wins it 16-14. So it wasn’t a rivalry game, but it sure felt like one as NDSU continues to grow with a young roster.



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