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The North Star Tournament

So we headed to championship Monday. The first game was to see who would play Bellevue. The winner of the Bracket B game between UJ and MSU would get the automatic bid to the national tournament from the North Star tourney championship, because Bellevue had already secured the regular season berth. So for UJ, it was a chance to play for the tournament championship on their home field. For Mayville, it was a must win game to extend their season. You absolutely have to check out Brian’s look back on the most meaningful game in the tournament..(Spoiler alert here. Moving to tourney championship)


 So Mayville pulled the upset again. There will be three teams from the North Star in the NAIA Natioanal Tournament. And the Comets put all they had into that game. When they made it to the championship game, it didn’t have the atmosphere of a must win game. The Comets already survived facing elimination, and so the final game had a very casual atmosphere. Bellevue was the presumptive champs from the get-go. The first 6 innings went by in an hour. Neither team seemed to be putting a ton of focus into this game. Then Mayville ran out of pitching and brought in their 3B to pitch. A 10 run 7th inning ensued, courtesy of 5 home runs from the Bruins. The Bruins had proved once again, they are the best team in the North Star tournament.  They are one of the best teams in the country, and are a genuine title contender this year.  They hoisted the North Star postseason trophy, just as they did the regular season title.

                And so a fun conference tournament came to an end. A huge thanks to the people at Jack Brown, who couldn’t have been more accommodating and kind to us. We’re looking forward to getting back to Jack Brown for the State A Baseball Tournament. Talk to you then!!





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