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Corey is a play-by-play broadcaster currently freelancing out of Miami. 

One day while working in North Dakota, I looked at the weather on my phone. There was a 100 degree difference between Fargo and my hometown of Miami.  As a lifelong Floridian, North Dakota was about as opposite as could be. But I got the chance to tell stories so very different than I was used to. That's the best part about play-by-play: storytelling. And a big play never hurts.


I was fortunate to begin my professional career quickly while in Gainesville, working with IMG to broadcast Gators softball, soccer, lacrosse, and gymnastics. As these teams competed for national championships. it was an incredible welcome to the industry. Then came North Dakota, where I learned so much personally and profesionally. Now, i'm back in the Sunshine State working with Florida Inernational University and FloSports.


I have to admit, it's nice to be back on the warm side of those 100 degree differences.  

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